Distributed in Australia by Mother of Pearl & Sons TRADING.

The Brionne manufacturing facility is in the Touraine district in the middle of France, surrounded by vineyards and chateaux. With roots stemming from a traditional craft workshop, they have dedicated over five decades to the art of designing and crafting exquisite hardware for doors, windows, and furniture. Embracing time-honoured production techniques, Brionne ensures that their offerings exude the timeless charm of classic French provincial architecture. Meticulously wrought iron and solid brass creations stand as a testament to their commitment to authenticity and enduring quality.

Why Brionne

We work with Brionne for a good reason. Their exceptional skill in iron and brass craftsmanship allows them to cater a wide array of projects, from classic refurbishments to distinctive sites, and even the restoration of historical monuments. But their offerings are not merely functional. Each piece also carries an aesthetic charm, adding a touch of French elegance to any dwelling. So, when one is seeking top-tier quality, adaptability, and a certain je ne sais quoi, Brionne is the way to go.

What You Should Know About BRIONNE

We introduced Brionne to Australia twenty years ago at a time when choices were limited. It occurred to us that there was growing interest French style and robust quality at that time. We were right! So right that copies started appearing in India and China. Today there are many copies on the market, but we have never seen quality that matches them.

Brionne is very much our major brand and is well represented in our website. The ranges have been updated and there are options that stretch beyond the classic French provincial style. With a wide selection of finishes to fuel your creative flair, their offerings are truly extensive! Give us a bell and let's get your space spruced up with some of Brionne's top-notch hardware!