Explore our range of renowned international brands

We've sourced the world over, curating a selection of superior hardware from top global brands and artisan manufacturers. From European elegance to the rustic charm of hand-forged American craftsmanship, we've brought together the best in architectural hardware, under one roof.

Mother of Pearl Signature Range

Our very own curated selection, the Signature Range, encapsulates years of expertise, presenting architectural hardware crafted in pure brass that offers luxury quality without the luxury price tag.

Sun Valley Bronze

Hailing from Idaho, Sun Valley Bronze is an emblem of hand-crafted, solid bronze mastery, bringing with it a legacy of family-owned passion and precision.


A beacon of traditional charm, B&M melds historical accuracy with
impeccable quality, right from the heart of Southern California.


Brehat is renowned for its handcrafted glass door handles, each piece meticulously shaped in their dedicated glass studio. This brand captures the ethereal beauty of glass, blending art and function in every design.


French artistry meets functional elegance. Brionne is celebrated for its ornate, hand-finished designs, infusing old-world charm into modern spaces.


Hailing from New Zealand, Chant stands out for its precision engineering, resulting in hardware that seamlessly marries form and function.


Spanish elegance epitomized. Fersa crafts exquisite hardware that carries the rich legacy and aesthetic of Spanish design.


Embracing the cool allure of pewter, Finesse's designs add an unmistakable touch of British elegance to doors and cabinets alike.

Ivana Perkins

A meld of creativity and luxury, Ivana Perkins brings a collection that's both avant-garde and rooted in top-notch craftsmanship.

Jacksons Locks

More than just security, Jacksons Locks are a statement of style and
trust, representing the pinnacle of secure hardware solutions.

Lock and Door

Prioritizing both aesthetics and function, Lock and Door offers a
comprehensive range of solutions that ensure every entrance is both
beautiful and secure.


A household name in Australia, Lockwood epitomizes reliability, crafting locks and security solutions trusted by generations.

Mood Australia

Tapping into the emotional essence of design, Mood Australia crafts
pieces that evoke feelings, ensuring every touch is an experience.

P Bisschop

Famed for its commitment to artisanal craftsmanship, P Bisschop offers a range of hardware that's as detailed as it is durable.

Samuel Heath

A legacy brand from Britain, Samuel Heath masterfully merges time-honored craftsmanship with modern innovation.

Tasman Forge

Channeling the rugged beauty of Tasmania, Tasman Forge delivers
hand-forged hardware that stands as a testament to raw artistry and