Sun Valley Bronze

Passion for quality and design epitomise the ranges from Sun Valley Bronze. You might find yourself getting lost in the joy of options on offer. Designs will be familiar to those with an interest in US design, strong raw materials reflecting appreciation of natural textures. The depth of these ranges allows for continuity throughout domestic and commercial spaces. Sun Valley bronze will also custom manufacture. Corporate identity can be intergrated into a variety of applications. This is ‘Made in the USA’ at it’s best!

Sun Valley Bronze | Architectural Hardware & Foundry
Image from Remy Garnier

Remy Garnier

Since 1832, Rémy Garnier has been at the forefront of high-end, indoor and outdoor bronze hardware and lighting products. Known for its exceptional craftsmanship, Rémy Garnier's creative designs play a significant role in the restoration of national monuments both in France and internationally.

Remy Garnier | Bronzier d'art since 1832


The Brionne manufacturing facility is in the Touraine district in the middle of France, surrounded by vineyards and chateaux. We introduced Brionne to Australia twenty years ago at a time when choices were limited. It occurred to us that there was growing interest French style and robust quality at that time. We were right! So right that copies started appearing in India and China. Today there are many copies on the market, but we have never seen quality that matches Brionne. Brionne is very much our major brand and is well represented in our website. The ranges have been updated and there are ranges that fall outside the definition of ‘Provincial’ style. The choices of finishes that go towards creative design expand Brionne’s offerings enormously.



Fersa based in Buenos Aires produce high end architectural hardware largely based on the classical traditions. We venture works by Fersa will stand up to the standards of original products made by artisans of yesteryear for aristocracy and the very wealthy. We carry displays in our showrooms that will leave no doubt about Fersas capabilities and potential to impress and lift spaces to the extraordinary.



Bréhat is a small rather exclusive island just off the coast of Brittany. Le Verriers de Brehat work from the old citadel (Fort). Showrooms, and workshops, or studios are within the complex. This company has produced products for many of France’s high profile establishments as well as luxury homes and super yachts. This is artisan glass art. Unique in the world of hardware, this company specialises in door furniture and lighting. Design from this company expands the potential for bespoke and imaginative design. A tour of the website is recommended.

Les verreries de Bréhat


The very best, no question. New Zealander Graham Chant has created an international reputation for getting style and quality into modern hardware. Chant are our ‘go to’ resource for the impossible architectural problem and unique no compromise quality. Chant products redefine what modern architecture can be. Be surprised, throw us a challenge!


Samuel Heath

Samuel Heath are largely known for up market bath and kitchen plumbing products. This Birmingham (UK) company manufacture ranges of door and window hardware that speak of superior quality English style. Suits Georgian and Victorian architectural styles. These periods never go out of style and represented in finishes that include, nickel and bronze, expect timeless elegance in the best available quality.

Samuel Heath | British Tap Manufacturers

P Bisschop

P Bisschop has produced hardware of the highest quality,handmade in Germany since 1889. The product ranges embraces styles many styles including Bauhaus and Art Deco and have adorned many luxury projects throughout the world.

P.Bisschop GmbH |Original fittings since 1889

Tasman Forge

Established in the 1990’s by UK designer and furniture maker Tim Bleackley, Tasman Forge is a hand cut and hand forged range of custom hardware pieces, created with a natural aged appearance.

Tasman Forge | Wrought Iron Door Handles & Custom Ironwork

Ivana Perkins

Uniquely Australian sculptural handles for entry doors and joinery. The late Ivana was an acclaimed Australian artist with works in public spaces and private collections. We have been honored to represent her architectural work exclusively. Her family have plans to carry on her work. Come see her inspired pieces in our showroom.

Jacksons Locks

Australian made locks (Launceston Tasmania) with a colourful history, being the padlock favoured by the prison system for many years. Jacksons have worked with us in resolving solutions to the issues that come with carrying ranges that require modification, for perfect results each time. Important for us is that as security products Jacksons locks meet all requirements for any insurance issue. The cases are hardened steel, the movements are solid brass as are the seen parts, the fore-ends and strikes. Australia quality at its best.

Jacksons Locks

Nature's Door Handles

Another New Zealand company. Mainly entry door handles, every one a piece of art. Interpretations of natures creations found in forest and by sea in cast brass that can be finished as desired.

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