Parrot Beak Hold Back
Parrot Beak Hold Back
Parrot Beak Hold Back
Parrot Beak Hold Back

Parrot Beak Hold Back

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The ‘parrot beak’ hold back door stop obviously can’t rust if it’s made of brass, which ours are.  They catch automatically, gravity at work!  A toe lifts and the release releases.  Suitable for doors and shutters.  Supplied with brass screws.

They are designed to prevent the door handles from touching and damaging the wall. Clearance 75mm.

From our Signature Series

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Precision Craftsmanship

The Mother of Pearl Signature Collection is a testament to our unparalleled dedication to artistry and precision. We harness decades of expertise to craft architectural hardware that stands apart, with each piece reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality.

Timeless Elegance

Marrying timeless elegance with contemporary design, our Signature Collection captures the essence of both worlds. Whether you seek the charm of classic aesthetics or the clean lines of modernity, there's a piece in this collection tailored just for you.

Solid Brass, Solid Value

Every item in our Signature Collection is carved from 100% solid brass, ensuring durability that lasts generations. But beyond its robustness, the collection offers unmatched value. By eliminating intermediaries, we bring luxury straight to your home without the premium price tag.

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