Privacy Sets

Privacy is paramount, but that doesn't mean it can't be achieved with elegance. Our curated collection of privacy sets is designed to grant you peace of mind while seamlessly integrating into your decor. Mother of Pearl is proud to showcase an array of options from leading global brands, further enriched by our own signature solid brass collection. With our offerings, you not only gain the seclusion you seek but do so with a touch of refined aesthetics and prompt delivery.
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Since 1979, Mother of Pearl and Sons has been the trusted partner for Australia’s top architects and designers, supplying world-class architectural hardware. We not only stock the world's most prestigious brands of architectural hardware, we also used our decades of experience to create our own signature range.

Mother of Pearl and Sons' commitment to quality and detail is unmatched, presenting a carefully curated selection from leading global brands. We've earned the trust and partnership of the industry's leading professionals, who appreciate our eye for quality, extensive product range, and in-depth knowledge.

We understand the intricate needs of each project and offer personalized, expert advice to ensure the perfect product match. Our fast turnaround times and priority shipping mean that you can be confident you'll meet your project deadlines. Your project deserves nothing but the best, and that's what we're here to provide.