B&M Hardware Company

Distributed in Australia by Mother of Pearl & Sons Trading

B&M Hardware Company is a top-notch manufacturer of traditional-style hardware products based in Southern California in the US, known for producing hardware that not only boasts exceptional quality but also exudes an authentic charm, thanks to their attention to historical accuracy.

With a wide range of solid brass hardware, that can be finished and aged in house to match our signature range B&M offers premium quality at an affordable price.

Why B&M Hardware

B&M Hardware caters to the US market with their well-known slogan, "Good hardware at good prices," which perfectly works for us. Their hardware offerings are truly remarkable and their craftsmanship is superb, making installation a breeze. Their hard-to-find hardware has supplied the demands of the US market by offering styles such as 'Shaker' and 'Hamptons,' and we’re bringing those to Australia to ensure a wide range of options for our customers.

As a valued partner of B&M’s exceptional range, we are confident to provide you with their renowned products, known for their quality, authenticity, and competitive pricing.

What You Should Know About B&M Hardware

As a trusted partner, Mother of Pearls has the flexibility to source any item from B&M Hardware Company to include in our regular consignments, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive product lineup that are well made and easy to fit.

The excellent quality and finishes, and the ability to match the finishes between the wide range of their products are all set to bring your vision and goals to life.

Talk to us to find out if B&M hardware products tick all the boxes for your needs.